JCSBS is the desktop and android software your restaurant always needed !! It takescare of your problems in just a few clicks. From order taking till the billing, we have it all covered under one software. It will help you to manage and run your restauranthassle free and more efficiently.

Contactless Environment

With everything being digitalized, from placement of order to the billing, it gives a contact free environment. The customers will be provided a digi-menu, on which they can order and track their food on their own without any human interference(waiters).

No need of highly equipped staff

This software is as simple so as a layman can use it without a trouble. It involves very few steps for a effective working which is also easy to understand.

Quick Service & Management

The whole process of ordering to billing is done in a jiffy, that reduces the time actually consumed when the order is written & then manually informed at kitchen. With help of JCSBS you can actually manage all the tables with minimal staff, high efficiency.

Reduction in Dispute

This software allots each person a particular task which reduces overlapping of activities and reduces confusions. There will be no duplication of work and no extra staff will be needed due to the feature of digitalization.

Minimal errors

JCSBS with its advance and not so complicated features and working, allows you to function smoothly with full accuracy and no errors. The billing is also super accurate with being fully GST compatible with financial accounting.

Sales Report

It also allows you to have your sales report on any day and anytime , that it almost feels like it’s on your finger tips! A sales report gives an overview of the state of the sales activities of Business. It shows the different trends happening in the sales volume over a certain time

Contactless Dinning

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This software is definitely going to take away all the burden from your shoulders and actually help you a lot to run your restaurant very smoothly .

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1.Easy Access

It has a very easy access which enables the business operators to have easy card transactions. It is also user friendly and has a hassle free usage with minimal steps and no unnecessary steps.

2.Quick Management

It helps with and quick management of your employees, kitchen, inventory , purchase, time and stock.

3.Autopilot Mode

The autopilot mode is another feature which enables the software to run on its own with giving less stress to the employees during the rush hours.

4.Automatic BackUp

With the automatic backup , we assure you that your confidential data is in safe hands.

5.Better Security

It comes with the newest tools to guarantee you a better security from any damages.